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Radiant Dragons Introduces their partnership with Grim Syndicate

One of the top tier collaborations in eSport history. Radiant Dragons and Grim Syndicate, collaborate to enhance the skillset of gamers. Our goal was not to only be a team, we are a league. A league that expands the industry by aa new level to provide the most game-winning advantage overall, those are tournaments. With this new partnership, we are providing the community an awesome experience with free to join events and tournaments with no additional cost right from home. We have been planning on opening doors for young, skilled players that are willing to take it all the way for themselves, as well as a career. Why not do so with us, that’s what we are here for. Giving you the opportunity to prove yourself with talent.

To learn more about Grim Syndicate, please join their Discord server or follow them on twitter.

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