Radiant Dragons introduces their Call of Duty team

January 20th, 2023 – Radiant Dragons LLC.(Nasdaq: Radiant Dragons eSports) (“Radiant Dragons”), the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, today announced several new rosters for the amazing industry, Call of Duty. We have been dreaming of an amazing team, especially for being one of the top franchises in history. Now we officially have our own team. Since the team is still in production, there are still available spots in which anyone can become a leader, player, and or sponsor.

Additional new leadership appointments include:

  • Team Leader in charge of all players, recruiting, everything else you can imagine. The super of the team, aka manager.
  • Captain in charge of being the main role model for the team.
  • Competitive Player main comp player, tournaments, events, much more. The eye of the team.
  • Casual Player content creator, provides content for the team/s YouTube channel.


As you all know, this team is relatively new, so we are grinding to lock the best players up.

In addition to the team, we are willing to do the best for our crew, so we have given out the best deals for your specific needs.

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